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London LGBTQ+ Community Centre: Meeting 4.5

Plans are coming together to create an LGBTQ+ community centre in East London - a community-led and community-driven space, one that is run by and for LGBTQ+ people. Now we need you to get involved. 

After our first three busy meetings, we've already got to work, creating working groups and setting out plans. We've already held fundraisers, met with community groups and people with power, and plenty more too. 

At the next meeting, we'll be getting lots more done. Each working group will come with a plan of action and updates, and there'll be discussions about our public launch, crowd-funder, governance structure, media strategy, community outreach plans and future events too. It's starting to become a reality. 

More details on the specifics to follow, but whatever skills you have we need them there! 

We are actively working to ensure these events and meetings are as reflective of our diverse community as possible. Please do share info with community groups, friends and networks, and spread the word! 

East London venue to be confirmed imminently.