The Team

We are group of volunteers from the LGBTQ+ community who share the goal of setting up an LGBTQ+ community centre in the heart of East London.

There are hundreds of us, all with unique skills and expertise, from communications and fundraising experts and community organisers to healthcare professionals, artists, performers and business people, everyone’s skills are highly valuable to us.

All who identify as LGBTQ+ are welcome to be involved in helping to get the project off the ground, and we have developed volunteer working groups in different project areas.

Currently, one of our primary organising methods is through Facebook Organising Group. The group is open to LGBTQ+ people based in London who would like to get involved and help the Centre come to life.

If you want to get involved with organising but aren’t on Facebook, please contact us. There are plenty of ways you can get involved that don’t require having a Facebook account.

Interested in lending your time and skills? Find out more about voluntereing!