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Patricia Langa

Patricia Langa (she/her) is a queer dance artist and choreographer from Barcelona who trained at Rambert School.

Langa’s work has been presented in venues in the UK and Europe (Helmhaus Zurich, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, The Royal Opera House, Vault Festival and major European music festivals).

Langa was awarded a development grant from Arts Council England in 2021 enabling research into Flamenco’s Queer History and its proximity to masculinity. This research is presented as an educational film: QUEEROLÉ!

QUEEROLÉ! uses dance, theatre, film, mime and music to reveal the accounts of those who shaped what we understand Flamenco to be today, one of the most honest and free expressions of the self, found throughout the West. 

This film takes audiences through Flamenco’s queer history centring individuals who have almost been erased from Spanish history as well as besmirching those who marked it violently.

QUEEROLÉ! offered Langa space to reconnect with her Spanish heritage through historical and fictional characters. These characters were selected from Langa’s research because some upheld gender stereotypes whilst others challenged to break through the binary. 

The film culminated in the development of Eric Longa, Patricia Langa’s masculine alter ego.

QUEEROLÉ! will be released on 2023.

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