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The Project

The London LGBTQ+ Community Centre is a safe, sober, intersectional community centre and café where all LGBTQ+ people are welcome, supported, can build connections and can flourish. Our vision is for a more connected, belonging and thriving LGBTQ+ community in London.

Our project started in 2017, with a grassroots group of volunteers coming together, inspired by other major cities’ Community Centres. Our ethos is ‘For the community, by the community’, with intersectionality at its core. 

In 2018, we raised £100,000 from individual community donations, which enabled us to kickstart our work. We were working towards setting up a permanent space until Covid hit, at which point our focus became bringing a more urgent physical space to life in response to the isolation and loneliness the LGBTQ+ community experienced. In 2021, we received the keys to our pop-up Centre, right in the heart of the city, which we’re now running as a proof of concept for our future permanent centre. 

The Pop-up Centre is a sober sanctuary, a place for groups combating isolation in the queer community, bringing different generations together in a friendly setting and working with some of the most incredible charities and groups to offer LGBTQ+-specific services, such as sexual health testing and mental health support. 

Our holistic and collaborative approach ensures that all groups within the LGBTQ+ community have the opportunity and space to run their own events and that LGBTQ+ organisations are able to expand their services and reach new audiences. Our programming is reflective of the desires of the community. We run a diverse variety of events, from exercise workshops to social events, from crafting to skills sharing.

Our signposting and information service ensures we can be there to assist when people need us. Our community cafe acts as a sober hangout spot and welcomes all, and our accessible pricing and ‘pay it forward’ scheme means nobody is left behind due to financial barriers. 

LGBTQ+ people of all ages, from all backgrounds, faiths and walks of life, are welcome at London LGBTQ+ Community Centre. We are what you make us, so make yourself at home.

Find out more about our work through our press appearances.

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