The Project

We’re re-defining ‘community’

For the past year, a group of LGBTQ+ volunteers in London have been working to set up a Community Centre in our vibrant city. Through open meetings, strategy days, consultations and a lot of conversations, we’re already re-defining what ‘community’ really means. In June 2018, we raised £102,000 to get this project off the ground.

Our vision

Our vision for the Centre is a product of hundreds of LGBTQ+ people’s collective wishes for a Centre that truly meets their wants and needs.

The Centre will be a completely accessible, multi-purpose space, run by and for LGBTQ+ people as a not-for-profit. It will be open from morning until night for use by individuals and campaigning groups.

There are a few primary functions and requirements we’ve outlined for the Centre. It will be serve as a cafe, a meeting point, a work-space and a multi-generational social centre. We will create an information hub with research capabilities and a sign-posting service for those seeking support to discover the brilliant charities and organisations that specialise in LGBTQ+ specific service provision.

The multi-purpose workshop room and clinic and therapy spaces aim to offer space for existing service providers to make the most of and use as frequently as needed.

The Centre will also have a garden. We have officially partnered with our friends at Rainbow Grow, the LGBTQ+ Community Gardening Initiative, and are now hoping to find a permanent home, together.

We want to hear from you

What do you want from the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre? What sort of space do you think the Centre should have, to deliver the type of services you would like to see provided? Your opinion matters.

Let us know!

Our project has already engaged with thousands of supporters, and has garnered the support of the Greater London Authority, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of Hackney, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbot and other MPs in the local area, business owners, community groups, charities, health practitioners and the press. Find out more about our appearances in the press.