Guided Meditation

  • Skill

“I’m Nyima, a queer Tibetan Buddhist and novice harpist living in London. I have interests in various spiritual traditions and modalities which I explore through art and writing. I’m also a student of the tarot and offer readings. I am a qualified Pilates teacher and movement therapist, and I’ve been studying various forms of meditation since 2012.

I am offering guided meditation and relaxation classes for beings of any gender identity and orientation. These will be safe places for us to come together, relax and heal. We will explore getting to know the nature of our minds through simple mediation techniques and quotes relaxation. I also include some movements to ground and encourage presence. Classes will last 45 minutes. You can be seated on a chair; seated on the floor or lying on bed. I recommend you use pillows and keep a blanket at hand should feel cold.”