Queer Fetish and Identity Seminar and Craftalong

  • Skill

Liam is a gender-fluid actor, poet and drag/cabaret artist, Yorkshire born and London based, whose work encompasses queer themes on gender, identity and fetish. Liam also is a mainstay in London’s fetish community and moonlights as a crafter of latex fetish gear with a focus on fashion and sexual identity.

Stuck in quarantine with only a hand to keep you company? Feeling like your sex life could use a lift? Are you yearning to express yourself in new and exciting ways? Fetish to the rescue!

In this two part online seminar, we will be exploring how fetish can play a role in forming part of the queer identity. Part history lesson, part agony aunt, part adult blue peter tutorial, join me in a discussion on how our sexual fantasises empower our identity, how we can practice fetish safely, sanely and consensually, throw shame into the bin and access new horizons in how sex is perceived in the queer community.

A brief introduction to fetish and its history within queer culture, an open discussion on how to get the best from your fetish, how we can use fetish as a lifestyle tool. Top tips, sex education and expanding our repertoire. A mixture between a coffee morning and a night at The Backstreet. Gear encouraged!

This will be a zoom meeting lasting no more than an hour, please bring a pen and paper, an open mind, your own experiences with fetish (if you’re comfortable discussing!) and if possible, an example of a sex toy/implement/outfit/equipment that you either: use frequently, are interested in using, are confused about or want to know more about! There will be a Q&A at the end of this portion.

Part 1 will be recorded so people can catch up on Liam’s tips and educational session in preparation for Part 2, however, we will not record the Q&A and will ensure everyone participating is not identifiable.

PART 2 – LATEX 101 – 13 May 2020
This will be a pre-recorded instructional tutorial about latex crafting and its place within the fetish community! It will encompass all basic components of latex construction, including material sourcing, patterning, construction and upkeep. At the end of PART 1 of this seminar, there will be a live craft-along where you can ask questions and create alongside me! There is no requirement to need equipment, however, should you wish to purchase materials in advance, a shopping list can be sent to.you! This is a seminar on how to make fetish work for YOU, and how fetish, fashion and identity work hand in hand in empowering you through sex!