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Two images of the Centre on a dark pink strip, with a light pink background. One photo is of the Centre's logo on the front window, the other is the inside.

6 ways you can support the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre

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Want to support our ongoing mission to be a sober, intergenerational and intersectional space for LGBTQ+ people in London?

Here’s how!


Whether you can give a one-off donation or a recurring monthly gift, every single penny we raise enables us to keep our doors open.

You can donate on our website.


Not able to donate but want to help raise money for the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre?

Organise a fundraiser!

We’ll be releasing a fundraising pack soon with ideas and printouts to get you started.

Shop with us

We have lots of cute merch in our shop and also sell items from other LGBTQ+ artists at the Centre.

Check out our online shop or pop in to visit.

Spread the word

Share our posts on social media, follow us and tell your friends and family about the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre.

We’re on:

If you’re not on socials, we also have a weekly newsletter you can sign up to.

Someone finding out about us for the first time could transform their life, so tell everyone!

Visit us

Come and visit us!

Grab a coffee, read a book, host an event, make a new connection.

We’re here for you.

Be kind

If you love the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre, leave us a Google review!

The more people who find out about us and feel confident and comfortable coming to visit us or attend one of our events, the better!

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