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Introducing Atypiqueers, a new group for neurodiverse LGBTQ+ community

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When we first opened the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre we aimed to make the space more accessible for people with autism or similar neurodiversity. From suggested feedback, we made changes to our lighting, purchased fidget/sensory toys and introduced quiet days on Wednesday.

After confirming our long-term stay we revisited some of these measures and consulted with the community. We realised, while these changes are a good start, there was more we could do.

We’ve now partnered with London Friend to offer a drop-in meeting twice a month, Atypiqueers. The group will be held on the first Monday and second Wednesday of every month, providing a safe space for people with autism and similar neurodiversity. 

We are also recruiting a number of volunteers focused on mental health, who will eventually be trained to expand this group so it can be held more frequently. 

We hope these changes will help to make the space more accessible. A big thank you to everyone who gave their feedback, too.

If you have any ideas on how we can make the space more accessible and welcoming to all, feel free to get in touch or to share your anonymous feedback online.

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