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November update

Hi folks
Hope you’re all keeping well and staying healthy.
We wanted to give a quick update as to what we’re up to at the moment.


In 2018, we ran a research project on what the LGBTQ+ community in London wants and needs from a community centre.

Covid-19 has changed everything.

The need for community spaces – both in real life and online, has never been more apparent. The spirit of community has never been stronger. And the urgency for the LGBTQ+ community to receive the care and support it needs has never been greater.

To ensure that we can continue with our mission to serve the community, we’ve decided to run another research project into what the community needs now – into 2021 and beyond – in a post-Covid19 world.

We are working with the LGBT Consortium on this at the moment, but we’re looking for volunteers to help out too. If you think you have the skills to help us with this – whether you’re a researcher looking for a new project, or have experience working with research agencies, we’d love to hear from you.

Please fill out our volunteering form and check the ‘Research’ box to register your interest.


We have recruited two new trustees, Megan and Chloe, whose brilliant professional and personal skills and experience are helping to drive the project forward after a difficult few months.

Meet the team.

Queer Skills Swap

We wanted to say a huge thank you to every single person who got involved with series one of the Queer Skills Swap, donated their skills and time, and took part in the workshops. It was incredible creating an online community space with you all. 

We took a few months off from the Swap when the national lockdown lifted, however now we’re back in lockdown – and it’s getting colder and darker outside – we would love to kick start the Swap again. 

Do you have any skills you’d like to swap in the run-up to Christmas? Perhaps you know how to make candles, create wreaths, make festive decorations or cards or deliver a mindfulness class? 

Please let us know by filling out our volunteering form, checking the box for “Queer Skills Swap” and giving some details about the Swap you’d like to do. 

We are hoping that you are all staying safe and encourage all who can to stay at home and follow social distancing guidelines. 

In solidarity,
London LGBTQ+ Community Centre Project Volunteers.

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